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Sometimes Clarity Comes Through Being “Whacky”

Being inspired to do something bold and daring that ordinarily I would not have allowed myself to act upon the impulse of, I took a chance.  I did something that before this morning, I never would have allowed myself!  The very idea would have caused me to think poorly of myself or another who might do the same thing.  Not this morning.  I knew in an instant what I would do and why I would do it.  And then I did it!

I didn’t stop to count the cost or worry what may come of it.  I knew me and my why and that’s all I needed.  (Fortunately,  I was trusting the other person to know themselves as well and I dove in.)  As a result, I feel great!   I feel frisky, playful and invigorated.  My outcome was not dramatic or painful in the least.  What a miracle!  I was not beat up, hushed up, made fun of or belittled and, I live to tell the tale…

Could it have had something to do with the movie I watched last night on Netflix?  A Secret Affair…

There is no apparent outward evidence as to the treasure I received for how do you measure a sense of support that comes from deep knowing?  This is part of the mystery and joy.  I gave myself 100% permission to be with what I was and I allowed the same for the person I chose to have my fun with.  I have been laughing  all day because of the pleasantness of the energy exchange between us.  Formerly, this type of action could have been ugly.  Not today.  It was powerful.  I was powerful!  I was knowing my value!  And, the value of my offer.

I was clean and clear as to who I am and what it is I truly seek.  I was clear (within myself) as to the value of my motive.  I didn’t care about the results.  Only that I shared freely what I was inspired to offer without any charge around the results one way or the other.  This is a feeling I have known well in the  conception of my children.  (Big hint here for anyone looking to conceive.)  Though a child is not what I was seeking to know though something of equal value to me.

I got to thinking as to how this could be when my actions by some may have been considered to be that of an asshole by one who is prim and proper.  I already knew that proprieties had nothing to do with it.  I was looking for the answer as to a state of heart.  I found it.  This is always priceless to me because on this I can bank time and time again.

What else do we have to bank on when managing the maneuvers and navigations of our lives?  I know that my answer today is guiding my next step and how thankful I am to make that step sure-footedly because now I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, how to apply it.

That way, no matter how difficult my next step may be.  I am ready.  I have 100% clarity that I know how to apply because I knew my question going in.  Now, I know to do with it.

I am on the cusp of major life changes and how better to make them than with clarity?  I like to be prepared.  I gave myself permission to play full out even to playing the part of the fool.  I was open and honest and I allowed the other to be the same.  In that, you always win.  This what I call the win/win.  I wasn’t looking to be validated, affirmed, honored or agreed with.  (I was already dong these things for myself.)

I simply offered an open reflection of myself and allowed a true response to occur.  (There was no feedback or commentary running in the background from either of us.  I love this type of clarity!)

Inwardly, I already knew that I was okay with the results whatever they would be.   Somehow, I also knew that should I not follow through with this inspiration, tomorrow I would wish I had.

I felt completely supported from within!  I had a new encounter with someone who previously the same type of interaction would probably have been a blow up.  Trusting that I was being guided by the Universe, as opposed to being something less, I boldly ventured ahead.  I followed my “whacky” though playful inspiration and I am allowing it to lead me where it will.   (Maybe one day, I’ll spill the  beans…)

So what changed to allow for this new outcome and experience?  Me, simple though not easy.  I recently had a new infusion of self worth pour into me.  What was odd was that I had an awareness that “some” or even this person could  view me as being an asshole.  I wasn’t.  I was coming from the heart.

I was being honest and clear.  And like I said, I wasn’t seeking approval or permission.  I just allowed myself to be known if even only to myself.

What whacky thing have you ever done that turned out alright?  Are you willing to allow (anyone other than yourself) to think you are an asshole should it be a true expression of the desire of your heart?  Comment below and stay tuned as I compare and contrast the energies between being an asshole who is rich or nice guy who is dirt poor.

Coach Brenda



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