Pets, How like God they can BE.

Howdy!  I’m writing today about the love and witness of God’s love for us in our lives that pets can be.

We recently adopted a kitten from our local Humane Society, on a whim, (hmmm, sounds like the voice of inspiration to me) as an addition to our home.  She has been a loving transition from the passing of our beloved Frances, (our dog) whom recently humanely laid to rest, (probably due to liver cancer).  We did not know she was “sick” until she was at her end.

While we have missed her loving presence among us, we marvel now at how she was such a comforting mentor to our kitten while exploring the great outdoors!  Frances served as the outdoor “babysitter”.  We live in a part of the city where wild life abounds and there are coyotes, hawks, raccoons and a really mean cat in that it is an attack cat.  (I didn’t know it was still around.)  You can be walking your dog and it will bolt across the street from the bushes with claw outstretched and attack your dog.

Frances and Phoebe (our kitten, whom we affectionately refer to as “Baby”) would romp in the enclosed backyard together and sun bathe.  I felt “safe” and assured with our large dog around that no birds would bother her and that she could safely explore the out doors.  She did.  She learned how to climb the fence and trees all the while with Frances looking on (and me from full view windows).

Frances and Phoebe always loved to be wherever we were.  If we were watching tv, they were by our feet or playing amongst themselves and us from underneath the coffee table.  If we were doing homework, Frances would oversee from her bed while kitten, Phoebe, would be in the thick of it on the table or our laps.

They followed me up and down the stairs, they looked on eagerly (requesting to be invited) when I’d go out the garage door and journey on throughout the day.  Frances would wait patiently while reminding me that it was time for our walk.

With Frances now gone, the kitten is the first to greet me every morning and tuck me into bed at night.  (Yes, there were plenty nights, in the beginning, where all of me was safely tucked under the covers avoiding her playful claws and teeth.)

With Frances now gone, though her presence still noticed within and around us, like those nail marks in the baseboard by the front door, one of her beloved places to nap and jump up at the sign of any other dogs out walking.  “Baby” trots up and down the stairs with me.  She makes the rounds to each of the kids rooms to say, “goodnight” every evening.

She now waits for me upon the bed instead of following me into the bathroom where she would perch upon the counter top while I get ready for bed.  (It’s a large area.)  She never goes downstairs in the morning without me.  She awakens the kids with me.  She follows me about the house and wonders off to sunbathe by the back door or check out her food and water from time to time.

She plays around my son and I as we play cards.  She sat in the box of the board game the whole time we played Monopoly.  It didn’t matter that the houses and hotels and extra game pieces were in it as well.

So, when I realized she’d gone out into the garage with me one morning, as she often does, and that I had forgotten to put her back in the house before leaving (by the time everyone got into the car) needless to say, she had a romp out front from which she didn’t return home until noon.

I went out front and searched and sat waiting for her to show up.  I took a few walks and watched the birds (which really had me wondering and praying that she wasn’t being enjoyed as coyote breakfast).  She was really shaken upon returning.  I knew something had happened though I didn’t know what.  Her fur was a bit tousled though nothing looked out of sorts.

She sat on the back of my chair fro three hours before moving.  I knew she didn’t want to be picked up but, she’d always been finicky about that.  Well, she must have been bitten by something because after about a week, there was a noticeable abscess.

So, we went off to the vet where she stayed the night.  She was so scared that when she opened her mouth to “meow”, not a single sound was audible!  She never makes much noise anyway beyond purring!  Come to think of it, I’m not so sure I’ve heard her meow?  Frances was a quiet dog (except for when other dogs where walking by out front).

So, with “Baby” gone for the night and Frances already having been returned to “spirit form”, our house was quiet.  There was no cat playing with our hands or feet as we played Rummy.  There was no cat tucking us in or the children saying “goodnight” and me hearing their “sweet” and “loving” sounding voices (that are allowed and occur quite naturally around our kitten).

My bed was really cold without an additional heat source or sweet someone nuzzling up next to me.  And, I went to bed really late without my cat looking onward as if to say, “Isn’t it time yet?”

Why are people often times easier to resist and their antics often not as appreciated?  Are animals easier more receptive facilitators of giving and receiving unconditional love?  Is it easier to believe that their affections and  attentions come without reservation or “stings” attached?

Though domesticated animals rely and heavily depend upon us for things such as food, shelter and well-being, is it easier to provide these things because we never have any expectation from them regarding that the care we extend them will ever change?  Why do we seem to do this with humans?

Yes, I know we grow up and that our relationships “change” and grow due to our abilities yet, what I am questioning is the logic we use while deducing our “newfound” expectations.  How well do we communicate these expectations to those that we love and how naturally do we bridge the expectations with the abilities and capabilities of those we love?

Why, or maybe you don’t, do humans start expecting from each other, something in return (that is out of the ordinary) from what has already naturally developed and get angry over it?

Why when a “natural” ability to return appreciations or affections develops quickly, are we just as quick to question it?  (Or do you?)

Share your thoughts and wisdom with me through commenting today.




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God, ATM’s & FAITH

God, Faith & Your Local ATM

I went to a birthday lunch today with a good friend of mine, which brought up an interesting conversation about how God does NOT function as an ATM.  Which, of course, had me, immediately wanting to challenge that statement.  (Being a mindset coach and all!)  I simply chimed in saying, “I don’t know about that.”  Which, of course, is my way of saying, are you sure you want to limit God like that?  I mean, why?  If God could function as your own personal ATM machine, (all you had to do was align with that belief) I mean, wouldn’t you want HIM to?

“I would! I do!”  I openly admit it.  “Allow ME!  Pick ME to BE  FIRST in that line!” (Although, I would gladly wait my turn if that’s what it took.)  And yet, some people are born into wealth, others marry into it, and some just plumb create it on their own!  Isn’t that fascinating and kind of like the same thing?   I’ll gladly believe in a God as great and good as that!  A God who is as kind, generous, loving and abundant as an Ever-Ready Energizer kind of (Easter) Bunny of an ATM machine.  I mean, wouldn’t you?

And because God is infinite, that would imply that any number of people could show up in that line and the everlasting (Gobstopper style) ATM machines would be available to us all.  NEVER running dry (like that oil in the Bible) and ALWAYS having enough to bake bread and feed those who come, even unexpected guests!

Those who come?  Could that have something to do with it?  I mean, that’s the kind of Loving Father in Heaven I could get excited about!  (Anyone know any guys who love like that?  For that matter, how about any of us gals?  Do “we” love like that?)  This to me, “feels” like a LOVING GOD, the kind I WANT to BELIEVE IN!  The kind of God who welcomes ALL of HIS CHILDREN (each of us) into HIS Heavenly Kingdom.

What if this EASTER is the time to RAISE a NEW IMAGE or IDEA of GOD in your life?  An image of a God that ACTUALLY “FEELSGOOD on the INSIDE, like a TREASURE CHEST of GOLD!  Hmm, Chest of Gold?  Could that be my heart?  What if part of  JOY in life is creating mindsets and images of God, that when you resonate with BOOM, like an X, YOU HIT the MARK, your pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow, and you light up like a Christmas tree form the inside out!  What if part of faith is that, it IS PERSONAL and that YOU, are your own AUTHORITY, (author of you own life) because only YOU, KNOW what DOES & Doesn’t FEEL GOOD on the inside.  Only YOU are privy to all of your thoughts and the flashes that run through your mind (no matter how brief) you entertained them?

What if your heart is the chest and your accepted image of God is the buried treasure and life is about sifting the sand that got in?  What if the stuff that doesn’t feel so good, or turn out so well, is merely “coal” being offered as an opportunity to unearth, a diamond?   What if the X that marks the spot, is when you HIT the nail on the head with the IMAGE of GOD that your SOUL KNOWS to BE TRUE and ALREADY LOVES?

What if you (and I) could TRUST that this is EXACTLY why when we FEEL GOOD, WE FEEL GOOD?  We FEEL GOOD because we ARE BEING a TRUE EXPRESSION of the GOD that WE DO BELIEVE IN, KNOW and LOVE!  We ARE ALIGNED with WHO & WHAT WE ARE: LOVE, BEAUTY, HOLY, PURE, TRUE!  We are ALIGNED and in FULL INTEGRITY!   Our image of ourself with our IMAGE of GOD that WE DO WANT TO BELIEVE IN!

What if the things that “feel” like land mines or bombs in the world of “life” are our “GOLDEN” opportunities to re-invent our IMAGE of GOD or ourself!  And all we have to do is search inside ourselves for a thought that “feels” like a sense of relief!  From here, all we need do is chip away and whittle or shape and mold our beliefs until we come up with something that “feels” like solid GOLD!

What if we keep running this image of gold (that “feels” like a solid God) through our metabolism until we have formed a DIAMOND that is crystal clear in our mind’s eye and that because of this clarity, we live our lives anew, from a newly formed, image of a GOD that loves beyond love we have yet, known?

What if part of FAITH is being solid with what you believe because YOU and only YOU have instant access to the X’s that have hit the spot in your life?  How daring, adventurous or crazy are YOU WILLING to BELIEVE???

Share your what if… with me today.

How long ago was it that people believed the world was flat and that we could actually fall off?  Does everyone today believe that man has walked upon the moon?  And yet, we’re all still here.  Pretty cool isn’t it!  You don’t need to be “right” about what you believe simply become aware of what you believe.

If, to believe, is a gift of “freewill”, ask yourself how “free” your belief causes you to “feel” and of whose will did/does this “belief” originate?  Why bother entertaining a thought that causes you to “feel” bad about something?  Is there any harm in entertaining a thought that could open a door or actually cause you to “feel” good?


I wish “so and so” would treat me better!  Hmm, that doesn’t “feel” so good.  How might I try on a new thought?  One that “feels” just a bit better, like a sense of relief?

“So and so”, doesn’t always treat me in a fashion that I like.  Hmm, can’t remember the last time he/she did…   Well, now, that’s no better either.

Just because “so and so”, doesn’t treat me the way I like, I like the way “I” treat my dog, well, usually.  Anyway, my dog always treats me, real well.  When she doesn’t, there’s a good reason.  I think, I’ll imagine that “so and so”, simply has a his/her reason.  They probably have to “pee” like a son of a “gun” and need me to open the door so they can get out!

Yes, that must be it!  That “feels” better already!  I’m even starting to laugh.  I’m always thankful that my dog makes it outside to piddle even though I have to open and close the door.  She never says, “thank you” but, I’m sure thankful!  I know I sure appreciate her holding her business even if  she has to stand on her head, if that’s how long it takes to get my attention.  I wonder what kind of “attention” this person really wants?  I think I’ll have fun learning to open that door while learning to close the repeating “scenario” of this scene.

Wow!  Not only do I “feel” better!  I FEEL empowered!   Curious and maybe even mischievous!   Who says, it can’t be fun…

So, whatever you BELIEVE, may it BE FUN, EMPOWERING and add WONDER to your years!  And YES, even your EARS!


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