Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is your field of expertise?

My expertise is in Universal Law and applying it to you and your heart’s desire.  I help you get the results you want through energetic alignment of the mind, body spirit connection.   I am not a medical doctor nor do I diagnose dis-ease.  I help you move from areas of dis-ease in your life into, “Wow!”  I always thought I could but, I never imagined it quite like that!  I see myself as a conduit.  A bridge, like a rainbow, connecting you to the other side of your dream.  We start where you are and go from there.  Coaching is a process of unfolding.

2.  Are you psychic?

Yes.  (We all are.)  I also book 1x appointments for inquiring minds who want to know.

3.  What are your favorite topics?

Birth, death, sexuality, fear, sadness, anguish, confusion, frustration and finances.

I love to witness people as they mend their broken hearts, broken dreams and scattered visions of their lives into becoming the person their dog (or cat) always knew they were.  I love to work with people who know what they want but aren’t sure how.

4.  Brenda, Must I be of a religious affiliation to work with you?

No.  People are spiritual.  We use different terminology for what is essentially the same.   We all believe in something and someone and that’s what matters.  We can all get the same great results through being exactly who we are!

5.  Are there any topics that are off limits?

Yes, I do not predict futures.  There are many variables and factors that go into “future” and with time moving as quickly as it does these days, what was probable in one moment may alter rapidly (because you have).   I love working with curious people who have questions because they want to know…  I love to help people make peace with the past and move forward into living a life they want to live.  I love to aid people as they restore order and a sense of balance and ease back (or maybe for the first time ever) into their lives.


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