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Life Is Funny… And Then It Gets Better

Hello, I’m speaking post being at a week long retreat where I spent the majority of the time around 9 beautiful “young adolescent” teens and some adults.  While all in all, it was a GREAT week!  It didn’t start out … Continue reading

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Playing the Lottery

Recently, I decided to make a game out of playing the lottery. I decided to start engaging the merchants in conversation.  I ask them something along the lines of, “If it were in your power to do so, would you … Continue reading

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Making A Difference

Have you ever been out shopping and found yourself being presented with an opportunity to make a difference as to the outcome you saw brewing?   What do I mean by this?  Here’s an example. You are standing in a … Continue reading

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The Journey, Part 3 (end)

I offered my car.  If they were planning to hurt me or hustle my  car, they would have done it by now. We had already decided to make the last hour of our journey together in the morning that is, … Continue reading

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The Journey, Part 2

Okay, so about reading the energy.  It’s about being in the moment and engaged with your awareness.  Knowing yourself.   (Should they have not had their dogs, I more than likely would not have gone for it.  I myself was … Continue reading

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The 2012 Olympic Games & YOU

Summer 2012 Olympics and the buzz is in the air.  Do you have it?  How would you know?  You find yourself glued like maybe only 4 years before.  You can’t seem to help yourself, something within you (The Call of the Wild) compels you like never before.  Even for events that normally hold no interest for you.  There you are captivated!  Attentive!  And joy-filled for another routing them on to personal triumph!   (They can’t even hear you.)

At least, that’s how it is for me.  What is it about knowing that for every event, someone’s dream is coming true!  How AWESOME!  Even when that person isn’t you!  Imagine if it were!  What’s your Olympic sized dream?  How are you training?  Who’s your coach?  What guidance and inspiration are you receiving as you soar and spread your wings?  As you watch these 2012 Olympic events may you be filled with awe and wonder as you are inspired into your own action to obtain YOUR Olympic Gold!  No dream is too big or too small.  All that matters, is that it is YOUR OWN!

How are you in training to triumph?  When is your Olympic event taking place?  Are you prepared?

Today, I am moving!  I’m downsizing from a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, family room, living room, formal dining room, and kitchen nook space to a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.  Now to fit all of my beautiful furniture in just the right place in my new home.  A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.  I’m off to line the drawers and shelves so I can fill them and be operationally smooth and flowing.

May your day be BEAUTIFUL, STREAM LINED, SMOOTH AND FLOWING like the LAND  of Milk & Honey.  May you be as triumphant and golden as your own Olympic sized reality!

Cheers!  This buzz is for YOU!


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Three Way Split for the Winning Lottery Holders? What?

Selfish?  You Decide. Call me selfish, I don’t care!   Could you imagine being a lottery holder and having the winning numbers and jumping up and down at the thought of having won $640,000,000…   Well, I would be over … Continue reading

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Winning Millions and the “Idea of BEING such a winner”

Have you ever thought about what it would be like and what it would mean to you to actually win or receive millions of dollars through a simple action like buying or even being “gifted” a lottery ticket? How “real” … Continue reading

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Pets, How like God they can BE.

Howdy!  I’m writing today about the love and witness of God’s love for us in our lives that pets can be. We recently adopted a kitten from our local Humane Society, on a whim, (hmmm, sounds like the voice of … Continue reading

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