Hi, I’m Brenda Jacobi, Life Coach, Midwife of the Heart, Spiritual Temptress.   What you may ask is a “Spiritual Temptress”?  Allow me to share, I’m someone who tempts you to HONOR YOUR SOUL.

What?  Tempt me to honor my soul?  Huh, YES!  In other words, BE YOU.  How many times have you said or done something other than what you wanted or meant to do?  How many times have you regretted it?

Born and raised Roman Catholic, I was a pillar of my faith until I got caught in the paradox of it.  Am I am a “good person” for loving person A or will I be damned to hell for falling in-love with them?   I.e., Does God have other plans for me?  Funny how life grows us this way…   (Especially, when your primary concern is about what God wants instead of yourself.)

I have studied Universal Law, Hypnosis, NLP (Neuor-Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Energy Reading, Angel Readings, and Psychic Awareness, Nia and Nia 5 Stages.  Basically, I study love.  What causes it to flow and what blocks it.  What ignites our sensuality and allows us to blossom fully and what shrivels it and causes us torment, turmoil and frustration.

I live in Portland, Oregon where I practice and am growing my business.  I am the mother of six beautiful children, five daughters and my son.  After nearly 20 years of marriage, I am now divorced and re-creating my life to include a more full expression of who I am.

I love to dance, do yoga, hike, be outdoors, travel, snorkel, day dream, weed my yard and BE JOYOUS!  Warm tropical beaches are some of my favorite places to be.  Especially, Bali!  I also love beautiful necklaces.  (speaking of Bali)

In my youth, I had some very profound psychic experiences though I had no idea what they were.  (I feared them as though they may have been the devil.)  They were “spiritual awakenings” beyond anything I had ever been taught or imagined possible (while living).  They were the most beautiful things I had ever known.  I didn’t know whether they were from God or the devil.  I feared I was maybe being tempted or “tricked” by the devil.  Discernment was always a gift I wondered about how people received.  Now, I know.  (We are all made to discern “truth” for ourselves.)  No one can decide your truth because no one inspires you as God does.  That is between you and God but.  Sometimes, we need others to help us discern what we already know to be “true” for ourselves.

We were not created to be islands.  That said, no one can do for us what we must do for ourselves.  Not even, God.  (As omnipotent as She is, (she/he) requests we meet her half way.  She sure lines things up once we spur into appropriate action!)

Imagine feeling “Bliss” and fearing it!  I did.  I don’t wish this upon anyone.  I am here to do what I can to help people access more joy and bliss in their lives from a place of freedom and ease with certainty so that the world is a more fun and creative place to live.  A welcoming home for all.

My quest is that we fully embrace and integrate all aspects of ourselves.  Especially, our sensual selves and the gifts that love creates.



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