Winning Millions and the “Idea of BEING such a winner”

Have you ever thought about what it would be like and what it would mean to you to actually win or receive millions of dollars through a simple action like buying or even being “gifted” a lottery ticket?

How “real” or imaginable is the very “idea” of receiving millions of dollars into your life?  What would it mean to you?  If winning could be symbolic of or proof as something being true for you in your life, what would it be symbolic of?  Because the upcoming amount, will, to date, be the largest “win” ever, can you imagine being, the recipient?  What would receiving such a sum of money mean to you?  Have you ever thought of yourself, those you love or your family and dreams as being “worthy” and valid of receiving financial support in this way?  Why or why not?

If winning this up coming mega millions lottery drawing (or any other large sum of money) in your life, accentuated and accelerated what you already hold in your heart, to be true for you, how open to receiving this windfall of money are you?

What would remain the same?  What would fall away?  Imagine winning.  What “feelings” thoughts, or concerns are aroused within you?  Do any of these “feelings” or thoughts surprise you or seem curious?  If so, how?  Does the “idea” of winning seem like the natural next step in your life or a natural progression of your financial experiences?

Does the “idea” of winning or having more money (an unusually large amount of money at once) increase your sense of well-being or throw you into a tizzy?  Do you imagine having an increased sense of well-being, freedom, fun and spontaneity?   Or would you experience something different?  What “feelings” thoughts, or concerns does the “idea” of receiving such a windfall of money into your life cause you to “play” host or hostess to?

Is receiving a windfall of money part of your dreams coming true?  What would a dream come true, be for you?  Which of these dreams require financial backing?  Which do not?

There are many thoughts and attitudes about wealth, finances, freedom, love and God out there.  Many of them contradictory.  Some people believe that the money or the “love” of money is the root of all evil and a path to hell, while for others their heaven on earth would not be complete without an abundance of it…   What are your thoughts and “feelings” on the subject?  What if the only thoughts and “feelings” that matter, are your own…

What are your thoughts, experiences and emotional over and under tones about your own personal financial experiences?    What are your definitions of freedom, love and God?  What “ideas” and attitudes do you hold toward lottery winners?  Are they a “classification” of people whom you would be proud and honored to belong and have your name spoken of as one?

Have you ever “felt” like a million bucks?  If so, when and where?  What was going on in your life at the time?  What if winning the lottery, were nothing less, nothing more and everything as sacred as, falling in love….  Maybe falling in love, isn’t sacred to you, what is?  Is there room in your “idea” of sacred, to allow for you, the experience of being one of the biggest lottery winners in the history of the lottery, to date?  Why or why not?

Have you bought your ticket?  Why?  or why not?




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