The Journey, Part 3 (end)

I offered my car.  If they were planning to hurt me or hustle my  car, they would have done it by now. We had already decided to make the last hour of our journey together in the morning that is, should they still be there when I was ready to go.  It felt a bit odd, as in a “new” experience having two men and two dogs sleep in my car with me snuggled in bed but I knew I was doing what I could without sending myself into a “panic zone”.    Yes, I took my keys.  Yes, they could still lock and unlock the doors as needed (as could I).

I thought about offering them the use of the bathroom in the morning but, I figured that they had their ways.  There was a gas station near by.  This too, was part of me learning to “not” be overly responsible for people.  They could also have asked.  They didn’t.

In the morning, we headed out for the final hour of our journey which would cause us to part ways.  It felt odd because suddenly, it was over as swiftly as it had begun!  We hugged and wished each other well.  It seemed as though we could have exchanged phone numbers yet, we all knew that wasn’t necessary.    We were uplifted!

My point is this.  No one knows your internal dialog better than you.  Trust it and continue it out loud when necessary.  Act as you need to and can still feel good about from within.  Being adventurous, having faith and trust doesn’t mean being careless.  It means being mindful.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Just know what and who you are trusting in.  And, ALWAYS be respectful of yourself first!  Others come second.  Pay attention to  your inner voice.  The guidance of your wisdom.  Ask as many questions as you want to.  Respond as is authentic for you.  Especially, in regards to the possible answer of your own prayer.  Not using the word God doesn’t make it any less a prayer…

Share with me an event in your life that caused you to know the power of your intention!

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