The Journey, Part 2

Okay, so about reading the energy.  It’s about being in the moment and engaged with your awareness.  Knowing yourself.   (Should they have not had their dogs, I more than likely would not have gone for it.  I myself was a dog owner.)  In my eyes, the dogs were representing the relationship these two men had with each other and would be extended to me.  They were extremely docile and they never barked once.  My car smelled a bit from the experience though this only allowed me to be grateful that I have full access to a washer, dryer, clothes and a shower.

We engaged in lively conversation.  I learned all kinds of interesting things about this man who now opted for living wherever life took him.  They seemed to get around.  (The younger man remained mostly quiet.  I think he was just happy to have a ride.)  At one time, the more experienced (free traveling) man had his own business that did well until he decided that his freedom (to be the kind of American he believed himself to be) was more important than complying with governmental standards for vehicular regulations for driving.   He was stubborn but, only about what really mattered to him.  His freedom.

He was a capable pain of hands to dial my cell phone for me and make sandwiches.  I had a standing  phone call to listen in to and I was wondering how I would dial and input all of the numbers going 70 mph down the road.  God provided.  We lost signal but the topic sent our conversation into open gear!  It was truly lively and engaging!  (Just as I wanted!)

They both had manners and were respectful and courteous and even as awkward as me when it came to being vulnerable in ways that I in particular do not usually engage in.  We were each doing our best to be unassuming and mindful of the other while clearly staying within the guidelines of our boundaries.  He gave me a necklace that he made.  (Something he does for money as he goes.)

At 1:00am and in need of sleep, I pulled into a very affordable motel.  No, I did not share my room nor get them one.  They had some money though I have no idea how much.  I figured it was up to them to choose how to spend their money just as I allowed myself the same freedom.  That was part of my agreement with God.  Yes, God, I can give these men a ride though should I be asked for money, it’s a NO GO.

Me spending my money on them was not part of my deal and never did they ask me for any.  I was surprised that being homeless, they were just as uncomfortable with this transition as was I.  (I figured they were used to it sleeping in new places frequently.  Apparently, not like this.)  Their first concern was for the police in the area.  What were they like?  Second, they had no friends in the area.  This was news to me.  I didn’t know homeless (or traveling people) were so connected.  Being on the move has it’s own skill sets of which I knew not.


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