Making A Difference

Have you ever been out shopping and found yourself being presented with an opportunity to make a difference as to the outcome you saw brewing?   What do I mean by this?  Here’s an example.

You are standing in a line and you can see that the cashier is getting seemingly frustrated and irritated and she keeps glancing at a child in line behind you with whom you assume to be their mother.  As you approach (to make your purchase) the cashier makes an off handed remark aimed at the child yet, directed to you about how offensive the child is.

You yourself, were not offended (by the child or the cashier).   You simply saw two people expressing themselves.  You may have found it odd because that never really happened to you before.  (Or maybe it has and you never knew what to do about it.)

Here’s what I did.  I accentuated what I assumed to be the positive.  And, it worked!

I simply commented, aren’t you glad she’s not going home with you….

The cashier immediately put a smile upon her face and seemed more than happy to ring up the mother’s purchase and send her and the child on their way.

All in a day’s work.

What opportunities in the form of challenges present themselves to you daily?   How do you avail yourself of them?  What results do you get?



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