How Giving Two Homeless Men and Their Dogs a Ride Got Me Safely to My Destination (The Journey, Part 1)

Have you ever been too tired to drive and yet, you knew you had to?  If you were home you would  lay down for a nap and postpone your drive only you can’t.  You have the time.  Not the energy.  That’s exactly how I felt one hour into my twelve hour drive…

I was asking myself how I was going to stay awake?  I brought my usual CD’s and inspirational workshop on CD yet, I needed a different kind of stimulation.  I wanted a friend to talk to.  I pulled over at a rest stop to refresh myself and wouldn’t you know it, a homeless man approached me.  I thought he was going to ask me for money and I was going to say, “No.”

Instead, I was asked for a ride.  Not just for him but for his younger friend who was sitting by the bathroom wall holding two leashes.  They each had a dog.  I pondered my recent conversation with myself (God, that’s who I speak to.)  And I reasoned that the two dogs were well behaved and getting along, they must not be “attack dogs”.  I inquired if this was God providing me my “how” (to arrive to my destination and still be alive!)  What a sense of humor God does have!   Thinking that others would call me “stupid” and not caring, I asked the man, “How do I know you’re not going to hurt me or something?”  (I figured that my conversation was really with God anyway and so, I would be stupid to NOT ask.)  The man replied, “I’ll give you $10 gas money and buy you dinner.”  And I thought wow, a homeless person at a rest stop offering to give me money!  That’s a first!  (Okay, God, this must be you!)

And so, we drove on down the road.  I asked them where they were headed and they said oh, you only need to get us to the next rest stop if you can.  I said well wouldn’t it be easier if I knew where you were going because I know where I’m going?  And he said, well, we’re headed to San Francisco.  I said, great, I’m going to Petaluma and that’ almost there.  I spread my dog blankets and we all get in and headed off.  I was much refreshed and on my toes!

I marveled at how God had answered my prayer!  Who’d have thought!  We engaged in lively conversation and had a bountiful healthy dinner a la Safeway and his food stamps!  He was as generous with me as he was with his friend and dogs.  We each got two Vitamin Waters and sandwiches made of hummus, spinach and pita bread and more!  He was mindful and respectful carrying through with his word as he had spoken.

Why, why would I do this?  It’s called reading the energy.  That’s what I did.  Stay tuned for more about the journey…



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